Starzone Seven was a project started in mid-2016 on the impulse to create a comic. While the project is still stalled in the particulars of the story I would like to write, like with many projects of this kind, I have created ships and vehicles, all ready to feature in the story when I find the impulse to start it.

Starzone Seven will be the tale of a young man seeking personal revenge against the shadowy organization guiding the lives of humankind across all known space. After his sister was taken by the Monoliths, Kreon joins up with the Resistance to get the answers he seeks and find a way to retrieve her. On his space cruiser are two compatriots and friends also in on his revolution. The story of Starzone Seven will follow all three of them on this quest to find the answer to one two important questions: Who controls the Starzones? And what is their ultimate goal?

The Zand

The Zand cruiser was one of the first designs for Starzone Seven. All of the ship designs of Starzone seven begin with simple shapes, then embellished with custom greebles in the style to emulate 1980s spaceship models.

The Zand model is a cruising yacht, designed for commercial and personal markets. The vessel can ferry up to 80 people in style, or carry high-value cargoes. Typically they are used by individual families, and their cargoes are independent pleasure craft.

Our hero Kreon operates a Zand as his flagship. The cargo bays have been reconfigured to carry missiles, and re-tooled missile interception beams have increased output for harming starships. Kreon's Zand is the only one of its kind in the Rebellion, and is just called “The Zand”.

Interior shots were also created for the Zand's cockpit and indoor spaces. The intent was to use this stage as a backdrop to draw on top of.