Fleets is one of three board game designs that have made it to testing and limited production. Two prototypes exist, one going to a friend of mine and the other still in my possession. Development has halted for now.

Fleets was designed to be an abstracted mass-space fleet battle game, representing battles on par with conflicts out of Legends of the Galactic Heroes. Each unit had a different strength number that could be organized into larger formations, that would clash and gradually reduce one another. The game also took inspiration from the board game Napolean's Triumph.

My direction for the packaging was designed to be succinct as well. Each hexagonal box contains all the force-tiles needed for each player and enhancements for their forces. The third box would contain the rules and measurements, all wrapped in one wrap-around label. If this were a product, it would also be shrink-wrapped and sold as a unit. Two expansions were also conceived.